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Since the 1890s when Thomas Edison and the Lumiére Brothers first mesmerized audiences with grainy, silent, black and white motion pictures, people have been captivated by the emotional power of movies. While technology, technique, and screen size have experienced massive change over the last 100+ years, the human fascination with moving pictures has remained constant. Chimaeric Motion Pictures was founded on the principle that Hollywood-quality movies don’t have to come from Hollywood.

Behind the Scenes - Superhero Set - Cameraman


Chimaeric was founded in Columbia and remains in Columbia to help support and grow the local independent film community. Every film, no matter the size or budget, is a collaborative process whose success depends on a multitude of factors, including access to experienced crew, quality equipment, and post-production services. We understand (and have personally experienced) the desire to do better work with fewer resources and have designed our support packages and production services with this goal in mind.


Since 2008, we have provided production support for a number of film projects including Rich Hill, You’re Next, Killing Them Safely, ADDicted, and Baby Brother. Our services include production coordination and management, digital cinema workflow design, dailies and data management, digital cinema camera rentals, lighting and grip rentals, editorial, color grading, digital mastering, and DCP creation. We’ve invested time and resources to remain up to speed with the latest technology and techniques in digital filmmaking so filmmakers can focus on telling their story. In fact, our Red Digital Cinema cameras are the same ones used on major motion pictures including The Social Network, Winters Bone, and Transformers as well as Stranger Things, Ozark, and basically every other Netflix Original series.

Behind the Scenes - Superhero Set - Chimaeric

If you have a film you’re trying to get off the ground, have an upcoming shoot and need to rent some equipment, or you already have your footage in the can and are looking for post-production help, send us a project request.