Top 5 Qualities to Find in Your Video Production Agency

For those turning to video production for the first time, the simple act of selecting a production company can feel especially daunting. Whether video marketing is a strange new world or your company is simply looking for a new agency to take the wheel, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by all your options.

Where do you even begin?

Hiring a video production agency is no different than hiring a full-time staff member. Identify at least five attributes you’d find in your perfect match and canvas your list of applicants to see who just might fit the bill.

If we were in your shoes, these five qualities would be what we’d look for:


If your video production company is doing it right, this should be easy to identify. A company that loves what they do is invested in each and every project. They take the success of your production personally.

When you consider who to hire, look for signs of genuine interest. The thought of producing your content and portraying your story should have your film agency virtually chomping at the bit. Whether it’s an infomercial or a motion picture, their passion should bleed through into the final result.

High Standards

You won’t settle, so why would you want a video production company that does? In our minds, the perfect video production company is one that remains uncompromising when it comes to communicating your story. Every corner that’s cut (or imperfect take that’s settled upon) lessens the effectiveness of your product. When you make your decision, make sure you go with a company that’s absolutely committed to making your story resonate. Your project will thank you for it.


You can have all the passion and high standards in the world, but if your project is cookie cutter, you’ll never stand out from the crowd. At Chimaeric, we value outside the box thinking more than most. We know that sometimes the best angle to approach a story from is oftentimes the one that’s the most unique. After all, you don’t want to simply tell your story. You want to move your audience to action.

Keeping to a Budget

Sure, a messy desk might be the sign of a genius, but it’s also the sign of someone who goes off-script. When you contract with a film production company, you’re looking for someone who attacks the project with a clear-cut plan and follows through when it comes time to execute.

At the end of the day, this boils down to trustworthiness. When a budget is set, you’re going to want a company that you trust will stick to your restrictions.

Proven Track Record

There’s no better way to gauge a company’s fit than by looking at what that video production company has done for other clients. Look for a list of project goals and challenges that were overcome as well as the services provided. Think of a video portfolio much like a resume. Companies, like us, put our best foot forward because every time a client looks over our portfolio, it’s like we’ve been invited to sit down for coffee.

We’d like to think that each of those qualities describes our company, but we’d love it if you’d be the judge. Let’s discuss your project and whether or not we’d be a good fit for what you need. Even if it turns out we’re not, we’re so invested in the industry that we’d love to point you in the right direction.