How to Use Videos for Foolproof Facebook Marketing

Videos are becoming some of the most engaging content on Facebook, and businesses should utilize videos on Facebook as a marketing tool.

Video advertisements show up in news feeds, and Facebook has auto-play technology for videos that allow for videos to start and capture the attention of the audience. Do you have video content, but not quite sure how to get started? Follow these six steps to create a Facebook video campaign and watch your engagement level rise.

STEP ONE: Go to ad creation in Ads Manager.

STEP TWO: Select “Video Views” for marketing objective. This option is listed under the consideration column. After selecting, scroll to the bottom and name the campaign. Then select “Set Up Ad Account.”
STEP THREE: Set up the ad account. Select the country, currency and time zone. Then press “continue.”

STEP FOUR: Define the audience (who you want to see your video). After selecting audience options, select automatic placements. Then insert a budget and schedule, how much you want to spend and when you want the videos to appear. After inputting the desired information, press “continue.”

STEP FIVE: Select the single video formatting option and upload the video. Add the website URL to link the video to the business website.

STEP SIX: Once all these steps are completed, and you are done editing the ad, select “review” to double check the order. Then click “confirm” to publish the video.

After completing these simple steps, Facebook will need to approve the video. If your content doesn’t pass their guidelines, you’ll need to make changes. Once approved, your
audience will start viewing the video either immediately or on the date you
scheduled the advertisement to begin. Pretty simple, right? Take advantage of the large audience on Facebook and the popularity of video content. Give your business a boost!