Everyone has a story.

Picture this: it’s “way back when” during the first day of school. The teacher has just asked everyone to introduce themselves, and suddenly you can’t seem to wrench your eyes away from your sneakers. When it’s finally your turn to introduce yourself, your heart’s beating out of your chest. You can’t find anything to say.

If that scene sounds all-too-familiar, we have some bad news.

You can’t afford to be shy anymore.

In business, more often than not your market is caught in bumper to bumper traffic. Your competitors might boast better name recognition, more abundant resources, or have simply been entrenched in the community for longer than you.

To make a dent in the market and ultimately accomplish your business goals, you need to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

That means raising your hand and telling your story.

At Chimaeric, we believe there’s nothing more effective for your business than a visually compelling story. Those businesses that boast a plethora of loyal customers — the ones you’re jealous of? They’ve simply found a way to tell a story that resonates with their customers.

So, what makes a great story? Well, that’s where we come in. We think great stories are developed from a deep understanding of the narrative structure and how the human mind responds to a well-crafted pairing of sight and sound.

That’s why our favorite part of the Chimaeric creative process is meeting with our clients face-to-face, especially if they’re unsure about what their story is ahead of time.

We tell each and every one of our clients that they have a story worth telling because it’s true! Whether you’re an accounting firm or a skydiving company, you are a business comprised of people, not a company that sells widgets to meet quarterly quotas.

When we meet, we get to know you. We look at your company’s history as well as forecast forward and discuss your goals. Throughout this process, your story becomes very clear.

A seemingly run-of-the-mill office suddenly becomes a shining example of a women-owned business triumphing in a male-dominated industry.

A simple storage unit business becomes a generational family affair dedicated to protecting your heirlooms.

Whatever the case may be, you do have a story. It’s biding its time, patiently waiting. Sometimes all it takes is a second pair of eyes to make it out.

In the meantime, while your competitors are waving their arms shouting their stories from the tops of their lungs, they’ll always have one major disadvantage: They can’t tell yours.