What is the Chimaeric Video Co-op?

As a commercial director and entrepreneur, I’ve spent my entire 10-year career working with small businesses to create emotional and engaging television and web commercials that connect them to customers in a way low-to-no cost “local” commercials can’t. As our company grew, so did our client list and our production budgets. This was great for us but it put our services out of reach for the local businesses that would benefit most from working with us. With this in mind, we created the Chimaeric Video Co-op. The co-op program creates timeless, Hollywood quality commercials that can be licensed to noncompetitive, unaffiliated businesses around the country. This allows us to provide the quality of custom video for the price of stock commercials.


So these are just stock commercials?

Absolutely not. To us, custom means custom. We don’t use stock footage or images. These are not template-based animations. Our filmmakers write industry specific scripts that emotionally connect to an audience. We cast professional actors and voice over artists. We shoot with the same digital cinema cameras and equipment that are used on your favorite Hollywood films. Our full service post production house then finishes the commercials with your company's branding. We aren’t focused on getting the budget as low as possible, we’re focused on telling the best story possible so you get the most emotional impact for your business.


Why should I care?

Buying or selling a home can be one of the most emotional moments in someone’s life. By connecting your brand with a homeowner or home buyer’s heart, you engage that emotion and brand yourself above your competition. Yes - buyers and sellers want an agent that will help them get the best deal. More importantly they want an agent they like and trust to help guide them through this milestone moment in their lives. Our campaigns are the first step to showing them you understand the importance of the moment.


Why do I need custom videos?

The most important attribute in marketing your business is your identity. How do your customers feel about your company? Your customer service and results are important but every business claims to have the best customer service and achieve the best results. How do you separate yourself in the eyes of customers? By emotionally connecting them to your brand before they contact you directly. Human evolution has hardwired us to respond to a great story. Today, moving images (film and video) are the single most powerful medium to tell engaging stories. Our team at Chimaeric Motion Pictures are classically trained filmmakers, well versed in crafting emotional motion picture content, who apply our knowledge and talent in creating commercials. We develop 10-to-60 second “short films” that move an audience emotionally on behalf of your brand.


Sounds expensive. What does it cost?

Typical clients pay anywhere from $50,000 to $250,000 per commercial for our services. For national brands with multi-million dollar marketing budgets operating all over the country, this cost is justified. But for a local business that only serves a limited area, even the low end of that price range can be out of reach. By licensing the same creative campaigns in different media markets we can spread the high production costs across multiple businesses. This allows us to keep production budgets where they need to be to create Hollywood quality work and then offer our packages to you as low as $6,348 for the first year and $3,025 for each additional year.


I’m intrigued. How does it work?

We take the commerical package of your choice and customize the voice over and graphics to make the commercial yours. Through our cost-sharing co-op model you’re able to brand your company with video content that rivals the national brands with massive marketing budgets. You get all the benefit of custom creative and emotional brand marketing without all the cost. And you get exclusivity. We only license a creative campaign to one company in any media market with the option to customize buyouts for additional markets.


Do I have to run on tv?

Of course not. Our packages include videos of various lengths so you can use them however and wherever you choose. We’ve got you covered for Facebook ad campaigns, YouTube TrueView ads, Instagram and Snapchat Stories, and Twitter videos. Depending on your media market an all digital approach can be a highly effective marketing strategy.


What are my options to join the co-op?

When partnering with Chimaeric, you have two options: License an existing commercial package or pre-license a new concept that is currently in pre-production. Licensing an existing commercial gets you up and running in under a week. Pre-licensing has a 6-8 week lead time before the final commercial is ready. All of our packages are licensed annually.


How does licensing an existing commercial work?

If you choose to license an existing commercial the cost has two aspects: a one-time cost of $3,323 to customize the commercial and $3,025 for your annual licensing. The customization includes a voice over with your tagline and company name, and your company’s logo, phone number and website in graphics. Your annual license allows you to run your commercial as much as you want, wherever you want, for 1 year. That includes your website, local television, and all social media platforms. Multi-year agreements for discounted rates are also available. Before your contract expires you can choose to renew your license and continue using your videos for another year or let the license expire and remove the videos from your television and digital marketing.


How does pre-Licensing a new concept work?

Licensing a “hot off the presses” concept allows you to be one of the first real estate agents in the country to roll out our new creative. We present new concepts as animated storyboards complete with music and voice over to showcase our vision as vividly as possible before you decided to license it. If you love the concept and decide to pre-license you put down a fully refundable 50% deposit of $3,174 to reserve your media market. Typical turnaround for new commercials is 6-8 weeks from the time the pre-license period ends. Once the commercial is ready we’ll send you proofs for approval. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with the finished product and we aren't able to make it right, you’ll receive a full refund. If you love your new commercial (and we are sure you will) you’ll pay the balance of $3,174 and your files will be delivered within 24 hours.


I’m still not convinced I need video.

According to the National Association of Realtors, 85% of home buyers and sellers want to work with an agent who uses video marketing, but only 15% of agents are actually using video. That includes agent created content like video tours of listings as well as branding commercials that endear your company to potential clients. Partnering with Chimaeric Motion Pictures lets you brand above the rest by getting Hollywood quality content at hometown prices.